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Our Mission

Seraphim Wealth Advisors Inc. (“SWAI”) is a fiduciary wealth management firm dedicated to client education, providing customized financial services, and the development of generational wealth. Our goal is to protect individuals, families, and businesses utilizing a client-centered approach through all phases of financial development; from the basics of investing to fulfilling legacy, while honoring God in our endeavors.

Our Company

SWAI, is a registered investment advisory firm in the State of Georgia. SWAI combines financial education, advice, and financial management to ensure the most sophisticated investor or average person is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for successful decision-making. It was from these concerns and the need to help others that Seraphim Wealth Advisors Inc was formed.

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Our Collaborative Solutions

Our day-to-day work focuses on addressing and solving our clients’ most pressing tax, estate and financial concerns.
We help our clients take deliberate actions to accomplish what’s most important. In general those actions focus on 4 key planning areas.

Wealth Advisory and Management Services

An assigned Investment Advisor will provide continuous advice regarding the investment of Client’s funds based on a pre-completed risk analysis. Investment advice and decisions will take into consideration...

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Financial Planning

We provide financial planning services on topics such as retirement planning, risk management, college savings, cash flow, debt management, work benefits, and estate and incapacity planning.

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Tax Preparation, Tax Mitigation and Other Services

SWAI will recommend the services of other professionals for implementation purposes, including companies under common ownership with SWAI.

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Financial Literacy Outreach Services

The primary focus for our Financial Literacy Outreach division is to establish grassroot clients, educate current clients, provide community outreach in all areas of personal finance as it relates to their individual risk tolerances and overall financial goals.

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