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Solicitors Intake Officers

Veronica A. Vera is a resourceful and results-oriented operations manager. She possesses excellent Executive Management, planning, training, and organizational skills with strong performance in productivity  improvement. She has proven ability to assure operational effectiveness, exceeding both external customer satisfaction standards and internal employee rating benchmarks.

Veronica possesses ten plus years of Executive Management experience in Hospital Operations; Human Resource Management and Training; and Financial Services. She is a consummate Business Consultant having served numerous clients in the areas of Business Training, Development, and Operations over the past decade.
Veronica Vera is one of two Founders of Execustay by Marriott, formerly Marriott Home Solutions. She was the first Executive Manager brought on board by The Marriott Hotel Group to establish, build and expand the brand from the ground up. In this role she created operational foundation systems, quality levels and measurable controls. She was responsible for hiring the brand Management Team. Her efforts resulted in the successful merger and launch of Execustay by Marriott Hotels worldwide.
Veronica also served as the Hotel Sale Transition Executive Manager at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, where she oversaw the transition of operations after the property sale from former owner, Merv Griffin, to the current owner, The Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei. While in this role she established 5-Star Standards; created Training Manuals for Management and Front-Line Team Members; and instituted property wide training certifications and service standards that resulted in 5-Star certifications and increased hotel ratings for the property.
Veronica serves as a Solicitor and Intake Officer for Seraphim Wealth Family Office Inc.

Cell: 702-344-6444

Henry Lewis

Henry is an experienced finance professional who has worked in multiple industries across the public sector with companies such as Boeing, Fiserv, HD Supply, and Comcast.

Throughout his career, Henry has worked in various roles involving Analytics, Forecasting, Budgeting, Microsoft Excel, Revenue & Profit Growth, Profit Maximization, Gross Profit Analysis, and Contracts.


  • Tuskegee University Degree BS Finance
  • Mercer University MBA Candidate.

 Jerome Thomas

The Cleveland, Ohio native is known for his astute financial acumen combined with a keen understanding of market analysis. Thomas has over 30 years in the food service industry and used his expertise and experience with major international brands to move forward and establish his own company. The savvy executive created the Exceptional Restaurant Company (ERC) in 1998 with his partnet Debra Luther. As Chairman of the Board, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer of ERC Thomas established one of the largest and most successful Taco Bell franchising companies in the country which progressed to become a $40 million enterprise.

In December 2009, Thomas’ company became a franchisee of the largest chain of drive-in restaurants in America with the acquisition of 10 Sonics restaurants. ERC has owned 42 restaurants including 28 YUM brand properties - Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, and KFC – and one original concept, Pasta Amore. Thomas’ propensity for selecting thriving restaurant chains and choosing optimal locations, has led to ERC’s substantial growth. The Cleveland, Ohio native also attributes the company’s success to careful financial analysis and refuses to pursue a business venture if the numbers don’t make sense. This premise guides his business decisions including the original 22 restaurants, $19 million Taco Bell acquisition.

Another key to Thomas’ success is balancing the integrity of the franchise brand with geographic or cultural nuances to make customers feel welcome. He stays attuned to customer needs and trends and embodies a service attitude that compels ERC’s 1000 plus employees to follow his lead. In 2014, Thomas sold 28 of his YUM Brand restaurants in a favorable market allowing him to secure a deal that shattered his initial investment. The successful transaction resulted in all of his restaurants being sold except for the 10 Sonics restaurants. It was a timely divesture and has made way for him to venture into mentoring other entrepreneurs.

Prior to forming ERC, Thomas held management positions with several international brands. He was a Field Advertising National Supervisor for Procter & Gamble, a District Manager (Southern California and Hawaii) for Coca-Cola, a National Sales Manager for Vittel Mineral Water, and Senior Director with PepsiCo Food Systems,

His formal education yielded a BS in Marketing from The Ohio State University, and an MBA in Business Management from the University of Dallas. Thomas has served on the board of the Taco Bell Foundation, and the Taco Bell Executive Committee, and The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta.

Thomas is grateful for what he has accomplished through hard work and want to contribute to the success of others.

  Auta Lopes

Auta Lopes is a successful institutional financial consultant and marketing strategist with more than 29 years of investment experience in the financial services industry. Lopes is the Managing Partner and Head of Business Development for 1 Ignite Capital LLC, an Atlanta-based financial services consulting firm. Her main areas of emphasis include public-private partnerships, capital strategies for real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and institutional clients. She works with corporate executives, high-networth individuals, and financial partners to address financing and risk management needs of her clients. Other areas of focus include state, local governments, and international ventures. Lopes is a proactive marketer and sales professional with significant expertise in establishing long-term relationships, building coalitions, and facilitating sales directives to achieve reliable and sustainable results. Lopes’ financial experience is vast, which has included, managing a relationship of $22 billion for a large pension fund, assisted in refinancing of $258 million for a large HBCU. Lopes has held many board seats, she currently holds a seat as a Board Member an “Ambassador” at the College of Arts at Kennesaw State University.